The Krill Reports Introduction by Bill Cooper

THE ORIGIN AND MEANING OF: KRLL, KRYL, O. H. KRLL, O. H. CRIL, O. H. KRILL, — Reformatted by Kidd 11/2000


The KRILL papers seemingly came out of nowhere and have stirred up a small hornets nest of speculation. Who is O. H. Krill? Is the information correct? Are parts of the text correct and parts incorrect? Where did the papers come from? I am going to answer SOME of those questions in this file.

When the aliens landed at Holloman AFB in the 60’s a basic communication was established between the United States Government and the aliens. During this communication a basic agreement was reached which was the precursor for the formal treaty and the diplomatic relations which followed.

The aliens left a hostage with the United States as a pledge of fulfillment of their part of the agreement. The name of that hostage was KRLL and was sometimes spelled KRYL. I will refer to him as KRLL as this was the spelling used in the MAJESTY documents which I saw. This hostage furnished much information about the aliens which became the foundation of the «YELLOW BOOK» that was completed from information obtained from the «GUESTS» at a later date. In order that this information could be circulated and discussed among the military and the scientific community a pseudonym was coined as a code for information which had originated from KRLL. The code name for KRLL was Cril. The initials O. H. stand for «ORIGINAL HOSTAGE»

All information thus circulated from the source KRLL was said to be authored by O. H. Cril. The information was usually of scientific or seemingly occult nature and was sanitized so that no inference to an alien race or culture occurred. This was done so that feedback and recommendations could be gleaned from those experts who were not privy to the secret. It was also used to pass technology from the aliens into the defense contracting community and the U. S. Space program.

KRLL became ill after a few years and almost died but was nursed by a physician who eventually became the government expert on alien medicine and pathology. My information is that KRLL did at some later date die. The pseudonym continued to be used for the same purpose for many years and may or may not be in use at this time.

The KRILL papers must have been authored by someone in the government or military who knew this information because the author O. H. Krill is an obvious take-off on O. H. Cril and thus on KRLL. I do not know who the author is and I do not know if the material is directly from KRLL or not. BUT IT IS APPARENT THAT WHOEVER O. H. KRILL MAY BE HE DID KNOW THE STORY OF KRLL. In my opinion the origin of the material will most probably be the object of much speculation. I cannot comment on the material which covers information that I have never seen before, however I can and will say that much of it is correct and agrees with the information that I have already released.

I never saw the KRILL papers before in my life until the Sysop of Paranet RHO called my attention to them in a file on that board. This occurred only a few days before Christmas and I uploaded them to Ted Markley as soon as I could. He informed me however that he had already obtained them from another source.

Bill Cooper


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