If Aliens Came Today, Would Christianity Survive or Collapse?

If Aliens Came Today, Would Christianity Survive or Collapse? This post poses a simple question: how would the existence of extra terrestrial beings affect Christianity?

In many science fiction works (yes, even my own), it has been stated that the existence of other beings beyond our own planet wreaks havoc among the Christian population. But in reality, would that happen?

The next day, would pastors and priests renounce the name of Jesus Christ and leave the pulpits forever, or would we find a way to fit the existence of other civilizations into our religious views?

In my opinion, it would be the latter that would have the most probability of happening.

When we discovered the new world, it wasn’t a religious fiasco. On the contrary; the Catholic Church attempted to vigorously convert the natives. If we met beings from another world, would we attempt to explain the miracle of God and his Son Jesus Christ or be so conflicted as to even try?

Would we have no doubt in our minds that the miracle of Jesus applies to them as well? It clearly states the Jesus was God’s only begotten son, so where would that put other beings spiritually?

Nowhere in the Bible does it declare humans to be the only intelligent beings in the galaxy. Would we find ways to justify the existence of aliens? Would the acceptance of the theories of ancient astronauts heavily influencing the Bible (such as the chariots of fire that carried Elijah to heaven) become the rule rather than the exception?

With technology so limited in the cosmic scale of things, it’s almost impossible to tell if we are not alone. I myself don’t know what to think on the subject, but I do know that the future of Christianity, if aliens did indeed exist, is nearly impossible to predict.

What do you think? Could Christianity survive the discovery of alien life, or would it collapse? How could we fit their existence in with ours?


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