Mystery Triangles Break Nazca Code

All Press Releases for August 27, 2004- An amatuer photographer in San Diego has the local press convinced he’s solved the riddle of who made the famous lines on the desert floor at Nazca, Peru.Ten UFOs he accidentally captured in a single photograph apparently contained the rosetta stone to finally solve this ancient mystery and his popular website backs him up with evidence the Los Angeles Times labeled «UNSETTLING».

(PRWEB) August 27, 2004 — It was just another hike thru the woods for three friends in San Diego on that glorious July day back in 1990. Only after the photos from the trip were developed did the hikers discover they were not alone.

In the distant background of one of those daylight scenic photos, a formation of nine objects were accidentally captured hovering over a nearby hillside. «THESE EXTRAORDINARY PHOTOS ARE MOST PURSUASIVE EVIDENCE OF THE EXISTENCE OF UFOs» an expert would claim months later in a popular magazine. On the trail that day however, nothing was out of the ordinary as the three adventurers set out to explore for the first time a beautiful loop trail at Inaja Memorial park in Santa Ysabel, California just east of San Diego.

It was at scenic spot number seven on that loop trail that the historic photo was taken with a Canon EOS 650. Lacking a tripod the photographer rested the camera on the top of a manmade rock wall that was built to honor 11 firefighters who lost thier lives battling a fire there November 25 1956.

Michael, the photographer, had pointed out the date of the fire to his girlfriend Ronnie and buddy Bob when they first examined the memorial marker at the entrance to the park. They looked at each other in amazement knowing that Mike was born one day later.

The rock wall at scenic spot seven also supported a periscope device that described what mountain the viewer was looking at by an indicator on the bottom. The three hikers were overwhelmed at the site by the majestic beauty of the San Diego river valley stretching away for eighteen miles as it made its way to the Pacific Ocean. Looking through his cameras viewfinder Mike set the lens on maximum focus, exhaled, and gently squeezed the shutter button.

With the sun setting fast to the west and no idea how long the trail was the three friends departed quickly but that last photo was still blazing in the photographers mind as he led his group back to the car.

It was the unearthly blue glow from the late afternoon haze as it blanketed the valley and surrounding hillsides that he could’nt get out of his mind as they drove away from the magical park. No one could have guessed what secret the camera was holding during the long ride home.

A week later the photos were ready at Thriftys and as Michael flipped through them the «scenic spot seven» photo leaped out but there was something strange about it. In the upper left background of the photo were nine hovering triangular objects stretching to the right (west) and across the valley another similar object was captured on film.

At first the photographer thought it was a developing error and looked for the anomaly on any of the other photos from the trip but found none.

Even without a loop you could see the objects were reflecting the setting sun above and the blue atmosphere below them. Only after one of the photograhers friends labeled them ducks did Mike have the objects professionally blown up to grain which set in motion a series of discoveries and events that would later produce numerous front page articles, dozens of radio interviews around the world and several spots on local TV.

It may also have changed the science of UFOlogy forever.

«MYSTERY TRIANGLES ARE ALIEN CRAFT,SAY EXPERTS» read one headline while another boldly proclaimed «IT’S LIKE MARTIANS MAN». After having the «Inaja UFO Photo» blown up to grain, it was discovered that the single object hovering in the right side of the photo was actually moving left towards the formation.

More importantly the left contour of the object not only matched the acorn shape of the famous «Kecksberg» UFO but contained a spike like projection two thirds up the left side that exactly duplicated the images on the Nazca plain as seen in Marilyn Bridges book «Markings»on pages 9 and 27.

Within three months of taking the photo at Inaja, Mike claims to have found the same projecting triangles not only at Nazca but in countless ancient rock paintings ,crop circles, ancient artifacts and, oh yes, other UFOs.

Labeled «San Diego’s Premier UFO Enthusiast» by the L.A. Times, his remarkable discoveries appear to be far ahead of their time as the scientific community has largely ignored them and the articles have all but dried up. Like a time capsule in space, however, a revealing website with «UNSETTLING» evidence, now heralds the good news to thousands that WE ARE NOT ALONE.

Did you notice the top left UFO blowup had a projecton on the top of its triangular shape? This remarkable discovery has linked UFOs to each other as well as ancient artifacts, crop circles and the famous Nazca Lines in Peru.


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