UFO Spotted by Brewery Worker in Imperial Way, UK

A 42-year-old Whitley man spotted a light speeding through the sky in the early hours of Wednesday and wants to know if he was seeing things.

The man who works at the Berkshire Brewery in Imperial Way was on a night shift at the time.

He said: 的 know I work in a brewery but I hadn稚 been drinking!

的 was outside having a smoke and I saw a white light at about the height of an aircraft racing through the sky � much too fast for any aeroplane.

的 saw it twice, first at about 2am and then again at 3.30am. I can be sure of the second time because I checked my watch.

的t was not a shooting star, I知 sure.

的t was over the M4 and on both occasions it was travelling west.

鄭ll I want to know is whether anyone else saw it because I really don稚 know what it was.�


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