UFO Affected TV Reception-Wrexham Woman Claims

The Evening Leader has once again been besieged with calls and emails from members of the public reporting fresh sightings of strange lights in the night sky over North Wales. The bizarre objects were spotted by numerous readers in different areas of Wrexham last Wednesday and Thursday evening.

One resident even claimed her television reception was affected as a result.

The sightings come exactly a week after the Evening Leader was handed footage of slow moving lights, arranged in a triangular formation, over Rhos.

The latest reported incidents add fuel to claims Wrexham is now the region’s number one UFO hotspot.

Paul Griffiths, of Gwalia Terrace, said he had spotted three red lights over Pen-y-Cae on Thursday, September 25, just before 8.10pm, along with his wife and son.

He said: «At first we thought they were stars but when I looked around there were no other stars in the sky as it was cloudy.

«I believe we have viewed what others have viewed over the same area in the past week – unexplainable red lights in the sky over Rhos, Johnstown and now Pen-y-Cae areas.»

Meanwhile Beverley Davies, of Ponciau, reported seeing the same lights over her village at around the same time.

She said: «I was letting the dog out into the garden when I saw a bright red light and when I looked up another two red lights were following it, so I called my husband Heath to come and take a look.

«We watched and after a few minutes as they started to form into a triangle.

«We did not hear a noise like it was an aircraft. It was the strangest thing we have ever seen. Then they just moved across the sky in the triangle.»

The lights were also spotted the previous night – Wednesday, September 24 – by a number of residents in the county.

Peter Davies, of Ponciau, said: «I saw the UFOs over the Rhos village at 8.15pm on Wednesday, September 24 – they were travelling at the pace of a helicopter, yet there was no sound to suggest they were helicopters.

«Me and my sister-in-law watched as the glowing red lights, five in all, sped off across the Pen-y-Cae mountain.»

Zoe Morris added: «We saw five flashing lights around quarter past eight around Ponciau.

«Three were making the V-shape and the other two were travelling much faster. We also lost reception on Channel 4.»

Sceptics say the lights are nothing more than so-called Chinese lanterns, claims backed by rugby player Simon Hughes, of Rhos, who contacted the Leader on Wednesday evening.

He said: «To put everybody at rest about the UFO sightings – they are definitely lanterns. I saw four in total, three were in the triangle shape that everybody is seeing and there was one on its own only about 30 to 40 feet up.

«You could see very clearly the flame and the lantern shape. It went down in a field at the top end of Pen-y-Cae. There were several people that saw this as we were rugby training for Rhos.»


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