«UFO» Spotted in Croydon Night Sky

Is this yet more evidence of alien activity in the Croydon area?

A quiet evening in turned to shock for Carrie Negri, 23, when she glanced out of her kitchen window in Chichester Road, East Croydon on Saturday.

She said: «It sounds crazy but I saw seven bright orange missile-shaped lights which seemed to be travelling slowly in formation across the sky.

«I was so surprised that by the time I thought to grab my camera only five were visible.

«They seemed to be coming up from the Purley direction and all looked exactly the same size, shape and colour.

«My partner Robert Gillham said to me ‘this is our lot’.

«They genuinely looked like missiles travelling together across the sky.

«I rang my father who works in Canary Wharf to warn him but he just said not to be so silly.»

She has asked any Advertiser readers who witnessed any similar strange occurrences at around 10pm, on Saturday to come forward. Although no-one was available for comment at nearby Biggin Hill Airport, its weekend operating hours are restricted to between 9am and 8pm.

The sighting comes just weeks after a mysterious green and white light were spotted hovering above the Tesco store at Purley Cross. It prompted calls from UFO experts for a public inquiry.


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