Beam Clue to Mystery of Jumping Lights in the Sky

A MAN who regularly works a night shift which takes him around the East Lindsey area believes he has the final answer to the mystery of the jumping light in the sky.

As the News has reported over the last few weeks, a number of people have seen the light, which moves in a mysterious way, quickly from left to right, unlike the movement of an aircraft.

The caller said he has observed the ‘phenomenon’ over a period of time and has seen it from a wide area. He believes it is a searchlight-type beam which shines from the roof of a club in Skegness.

The beam itself cannot be seen but is reflected off the base of clouds and therefore appears as a single light in the sky.

It seems to move because the beam itself is directed from its central position to the left, then back to centre, then to the right and back to centre.

«You can see it quite a long way from Skegness — I’ve seen it as far away as Friskney down the A52 and as far as Hagworthingham, for example,» said the caller, who asked not to be named.

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