UFO or Just a Len’s Flare in Photograph?

By Gemma Gadd

Is this a UFO?

EVIDENCE of alien visitations or a trick of the light produced by the camera’s lens?

The photograph was taken on a Polaroid camera from Mr Rust’s garden back in May last year – but he is only now revealing it to the press.

He said: «It was around 8.30pm in the evening and I saw this beautiful rainbow outside so I went to the garage to get my camera and took several photographs of it.

«But it wasn’t until I looked at the developed pictures that I saw this strange saucer-shaped light. It even appears to have light trails coming off the back of it.

«I obviously didn’t see any lights or flying saucers with my own eyes – but the camera obviously saw something.»

When asked whether he thought it was a sign aliens had been visiting Louth, Mr Rust concluded: «Well, I like to keep an open mind.»


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