Unexplained Night Noises Frighten Residents In Hexham

For months now, residents in Hexham, UK have been bothered by unexplained noises. According to official there are no reports of anything which could offer an explanation. So, what is causing these weird noises? Were do they come from and why doesn’t anyone know anything?

For some reason the hum always starts when darkness falls.

Night photography Northumberland Hexham. Credit: Chronicle Live

Residents in Hexham are not only annoyed, but also frightened. One person told Chronicle Live that “it sounds like a phone has been left off the hook.”

“Some people say it sounds like someone is practicing for an evacuation, others have said it sounds like an alarm. But nobody knows where it is coming from and it is driving me mad,” the women living in Hexham explained.

Listen to the sound

Other residents say the annoying sound can be heard every single night and sometimes during the day. It goes on for hours and can be heard even when the winds are closed.

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The sound is so frustrating that people can’t sleep, but there is no help because no-one knows where it comes from.

Hexham is not the only place where strange sounds from the skies have been heard. As MessageToEagle.com previously reported, people world-wide have reported hearing a very peculiar “trumpet” sound emanating from the sky.

Specific very low-pitched sounds have been heard all over the globe, all the way from US, UK, Costa Rica, Russia, Czech Republic, Australia and other countries.

Scientists have previously proposed that what people are hearing is only a small fraction of the actual power of these sounds!

What are these sounds? What is causing them?


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