What Does It Mean To Be Ambidextrous?

– A person that can use both right and left hand equally is known as ‘ambidextrous‘.

There is only 1% of people with this ability, which give the possibility to write using either right or left hand. Otherwise, the total population of left-handed people is only 10%.

Both left-handed and ambidextrous have a symmetric brain formation. Researchers have suggested that for them, neither hemisphere in the brain plays a dominant role.

If a person can use their left and right hands on an equal basis, then they should really be grateful for this ability despite the negative things that come with it.

These individuals – usually more creative than others, have a different way of seeing things and trust much more their physical ability than their mental ability.

They have slightly lower IQ (lower ability in reasoning, math and memory) and higher creativity Their language skills are not as high as those who are left- or right-handed. and they often have a higher rate of ADHD.

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Being ambidextrous is known to improve mental capacity but the ambidextrous ones, are considered to possess lower degree of general intelligence. Their brains probably are not able to process information in the same way as right or left-handers’ brains do.

Yet, these people have much easier to adapt and function in their private lives and within society as well.

Such people are also more likely suffer from asthma, hyperactivity, a higher rate of ADHD, dyslexia and can be bisexual and to a lesser extent – homosexual. A new study shows that at least 15.6% of women and 9.2% of men who are ambidextrous are bisexual.

Ambidextrous people get angrier, more often than others and report rapid mood changes.

For now the phenomenon of ambidextrous (mixed-handed) people, is not entirely explained.

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