On This Day In History: Treaty of Worms Signed Between Great Britain, Austria And The Kingdom Of Sardinia- On Sep 13, 1743

On September 13, 1743, the Treaty of Worms was signed between Great Britain, Austria and the Kingdom of Sardinia.

The treaty was a political alliance, which was presented to the Commons on Jan. 9, 1744, and was considered in the entire house on Feb 1, 1744.

It was an ambitious piece of foreign policy on the part of the British government which sought to split the Emperor Charles VII from French influence. At the same time, it was an attempt to resolve the differences between the Emperor, Queen Maria Theresa of Hungary and King Charles Emmanuel III of Sardinia.

Under the terms of the treaty, Maria Theresa agreed to transfer to the King of Sardinia the city and part of the duchy of Piacenza, the Vigevanesco, and claims to the marquisate of Finale.

She also engaged to maintain 30,000 men in Italy, to be commanded by Savoy-Sardinia.

Great Britain agreed to pay the sum of £300,000 for the ceding of Finale, and to furnish an annual subsidy of £200,000, on the condition that Savoy-Sardinia should employ 45,000 men.

Additionally, Britain agreed to send a fleet into the Mediterranean and Britain would pay Maria Theresa an annual subsidy of £300,000, for as long «as the necessity of her affairs should require.»


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