Mysterious Ancient Mushrooms In Myths And Legends: Sacred, Feared And Worshiped Among Ancient Civilizations

Many ancient texts, legends and myths mention sacred ancient mushrooms that were of vital importance to our ancestors. Ancient civilizations admired, feared and even worshipped mushrooms.

The mushrooms, because of their mysterious biology, have attracted our interest since ancient times. How ancient people could distinguish between poisonous and edible mushrooms is not entirely clear.

The term «mushroom» and its variations may have been derived from the French word mousseron in reference to moss (mousse). Mushrooms are classified as plants, but they do not have chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is the green substance in plants that through photosynthesis produces plant food from sunlight. The scientific name is fungi, from the Greek Mykes and, although part of the plant kingdom, their reproduction is by spores, microscopic cells that the fungus leaves fall to the ground in huge quantities.

Some like the ancient Egyptians for example believed there was a special connection between mushrooms and gods. According to ancient Egyptians wild mushrooms were the “sons of the gods”, sent to Earth by lightning. Only the Pharaohs were therefore allowed to eat them.

Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs reveal that Pharaohs thought mushrooms were sacred herbs that you could consume to become immortal….

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