On This Day In History: Treaty of Bergerac Ratified – On Sep 17, 1577

On September 17, 1577, the Treaty of Bergerac, which was signed at Bergerac on 14 September 1577, was ratified by the Edict of Poitiers.

It was the treaty between Henry III of France and Huguenot princes.

Protestants and Catholics signed the Treaty of Bergerac to end the sixth War of Religion

The treaty replaced the Edict of Beaulieu (5 May 1576) that ended the Fifth War of Religion and gave the Huguenots more religious rights than any of the

According to the Catholic League, the Edict of Beaulieu was too favorable to Protestants.

Based on the terms of the Treaty of Bergerac, Huguenots were only allowed to practice their faith in the suburbs of one town in each judicial district.

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