Giveaway: Win The Book The Dawn Of Astronomy: A Study Of Temple Worship And Mythology Of The Ancient Egyptians

– All readers of now have the chance to win the interesting book: The Dawn of Astronomy: A Study of Temple Worship and Mythology of the Ancient Egyptians By: J. Norman Lockyer, Giorgio de Santillana

A pioneer in the fields of astrophysics and astro-archeology, J. Norman Lockyer believed that ancient Egyptian monuments were constructed “in strict relation to the stars.”

In this celebrated study, he explores the relationship between astronomy and architecture in the age of the pharaohs.Lockyer addresses one of the many points already extensively investigated by Egyptologists: the chronology of the kings of Egypt. All experts are in accord regarding the identity of the first monarch, but they cannot agree upon the dates of his reign within a thousand years.

The author contends that by applying a knowledge of astronomy to the actual site orientation of the region’s pyramids and temples, accurate dating can be achieved. In order to accomplish this, Lockyer had to determine the level of the ancient Egyptian ideas of astronomy. Some of his inferences have been invalidated by subsequent scholarship, but many of his other conclusions stand firm and continue to provide sensational leads into contemporary understanding of archaic astronomy.

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