Unique Machine Will Create Water Out Of Thin Air

– As we all know water is a necessity for life as we know it. Unfortunately, large parts of the world’s population do not have access to clean water, or in many cases no water at all.

This can change now when scientists have announced they have created a new unique machine that can create water out of thin air.

The goal is to reach all those in need and give them access to water.

Some years ago, Eole Water, a French company announced the invention of the first wind turbine able to produce of drinking water by condensing the air.

Now, Water-Gen, an Israeli company has developed water generators that appear to create pure drinking water out of nothing.

Today, 150 million of people worldwide live without any access to safe drinking water in remote areas. Hopefully, this could change in the very near future.

According to Arye Kohavi, the company’s founder and CEO, this solution can be quickly used in many countries.

“The company currently makes three sizes of water generating machines, each of which must be plugged into a power source. At 80 degrees and 60 percent humidity, the biggest can yield about 825 gallons (3,122 litres) per day, but Kohavi says the technology is easily scalable.

The company’s medium-sized unit produces 118 gallons (446 litres) per day under the same conditions, and the smallest – which is intended for use in a home or office – produces just under 4 gallons (15 litres) per day.

Water-Gen estimates that at current energy prices, the water generated will cost less than 10 cents a gallon (3.7 litres), “Business Insider reports.

Water-Gen estimates that at current energy prices, the water generated will cost less than ten cents a gallon.

The machine is especially developed to be used in places that don’t have drinkable tap water and locations that are warm and humid.

Maxim Nasik, the chairman of Water-Gen, says that because climate change and the growing world population are making the issue of accessible drinking water increasingly important, the company hopes to bring its technology directly to governments. Implementing it on a large scale would be cheaper and faster, he says, adding that the company is already in discussion with several governments.

He also point out that commercial applications are not the company’s main focus.

“We think it’s possible to bring drinking water to all countries. Humidifiers, army solutions, etcetera are a secondary issues,” Nasik says. “What’s important for us is to bring water to the people. This is a basic human right.”

The technology has already been presented to the United Nations General Assembly.


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