On This Day In History: Battle Of King’s Mountain Was Fought – On Oct 7, 1780

On October 7, 1780, the battle of King’s Mountain was fought south of the present-day town of Kings Mountain, North Carolina in rural Cherokee County, South Carolina.

It was a decisive victory in South Carolina for the Patriot militia over the Loyalist militia in the Southern campaign of the American Revolutionary War.

The battle was very important; it halted the British advance into North Carolina.

The surprising victory of the American patriot militia over the Loyalists came after a string of rebel defeats at the hands of Lord Cornwallis, and greatly raised the Patriots’ morale.

With the British Major Patrick Ferguson’s dead and his Loyalist militia destroyed, Cornwallis was forced to abandon his plan to invade North Carolina and retreated into South Carolina.

A soldier named Benjamin Sharp wrote about the battle:

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