On This Day In History: King Alexander II Was Crowned At Scone, Scotland – On Dec 6, 1214

On December 6, 1214, King Alexander II is crowned at Scone. Scone is a village or a suburb of Perth and Kinross in the center of Scotland.

The medieval Scone was located west of the New Scone village and was the coronation site for all the Scottish kings as well as the repository for the Coronation Stone. Kings like Kenneth the first, Robert the Bruce, all the way to Charles the second were coroneted here until 1651 when the coronation site was changed.

Alexander II was the only son of William the Lion and his reign lasted from his father’s death in 1214 until his own in 1249.

Peaceful relations with England were reinforced when he married Henry III of England’s sister Joan (she was 11) in 1221. Henry III requested homage soon after 1235. Alexander II responded with a counter claim to the northern English counties.


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